How Ultrasounds Work

Getting an ultrasound is a painless procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to detect a variety of factors regarding your pregnancy. While a pregnancy test shows an indication of pregnancy, an ultrasound provides proof of pregnancy. This means that the ultrasound can detect whether you have a sustainable, viable pregnancy. You will need this information for a variety of programs and assistance if you choose to continue with your pregnancy.

Why do I need an ultrasound?

An ultrasound will also detect a fetal heartbeat, determine how far along you are and discover the location of your pregnancy (to ensure that it is developing in your uterus). All of these factors are important when considering your options and detecting the likelihood of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Limited obstetric ultrasounds do not detect gender. To ensure your health and the health of the fetus, it is imperative that you receive an ultrasound.

Our Ultrasounds

Our limited obstetric ultrasounds are provided on-site.

If you are in need of an ultrasound, please contact our center today to set up an appointment.